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All about Curaçao,

Curaçao Media has created a range of digital channels for local & tourist alike.

Curacao To Go is the free digital travel guide for your stay in the beautiful and interesting island of Curacao.

It offers more than 1000 listings with FULL information, contact information AND position. No secrets here, just information.
Daily updated calenders, party guide and feeds messages that keep you updated.

It is the official application supported and promoted by the Curacao Tourist Board (CTB) and Curacao Hospitality and Tourism Association (CHATA).

Curacao is a diverse island with a lot of to see and do. Although it is not a very big island, you can miss out on the best if you do not have the proper information provided to you.
With its simple navigation, the application helps you to quickly find all the things to find on the island, and allows you to rate these, add them to your things to do list and look at pictures and special offers.
Most of the information is available offline, and can be used any time. Listing information includes most of the time also the actual position of the place!
Part of the information, like user ratings, position are only available with an internet connection.

The agenda’s for events, happy hours and parties keep you updated on where you need to be to have the rich experience of Caribbean fiesta!
The ATM and Gas station categories make sure you never run out of money or gas.
The feeds section will keep you updated on the latest specials, events or interesting news.

Start using the application before your arrival and put together your own things to do list of all the restaurants, events, and activities you do not want to miss. Add and delete items as you like and travel prepared.

Finally, after your stay on Curacao, give us your opinion about the island. The information goes straight to the CTB and CHATA and will be taken very seriously.



About Curacao Media

Curacao Media is based on Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean, develops mobile Apps for the regional market.


Curacao Media is a Curacao based publisher. Under the brand name of Pasabon we publish a weekly periodical distributed in 300 locations with app, site (pasabon.com) and weekly newsletter.


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